Marwari Horses

Behavioural CharacteristicsLoyal, Bold, High-virtue, Fiery, Versatile, Compassionate, and Admirable
Physical CharacteristicsMulticolor coat pattern; speckled skin; striped hooves; the neck is slanted and clean, terminating in a short but strong spine; the legs are straight and have strong joints, with strong feet and a long, bushy tail.
Distinguishing FeaturesEars inward-curving, often touching
ColourMarwari horses come in a wide range of colours - Dark Brown, Bay, Dark Bay, PieBald, Skewbald, Chestnut, Dun, Blue Roan, Grey and Flea-bitten & Dappled Grey, are a few common ones.
Type & UsageRacing horse, Sport horse, Show horse, Competition horse, Pleasure horse, Trail horse
Blood TypeWarm
Life Span25 - 30 Years
Country Of OriginIndia

Marwari Horses for sportsmen and active riders

The Marwari Horse is a royal, historic horse breed that was developed in India and has demonstrated its abilities as a combat horse for generations. India being a unique blend of temperature zones and terrains, with several species of the horse family serving a variety of functions – The Marwari horse breed originated in the Marwari region of Rajasthan, India, and is capable of travelling vast distances at a high rate because of its strong limbs and hooves.These equines trot with tremendous grace and lightness, are known for their stunning features and ambling gaits. This breed is recognised for its elegance, attractiveness, vigour, endurance, intelligence, alertness, dynamic walk, and unusual ear tips touching each other, as well as its ability to tolerate extreme heat, cold or other unfavourable climatic conditions. Marwari Horses are categorised as a ‘Light Breed’ of horses, which are produced for a variety of purposes, including riding, racing, jumping, and herding. Their long, slender legs are made for sprinting. Long, flexible necks aid with balance and manoeuvrability while running and navigating. Light horses with well-defined withers can be saddled with ease. The horses are also recognised for their toughness, and they share genetics with the Kathiawari breed, which hails from the same province.

While the Marwari was necessary for this battle lifestyle, the horse fell out of favour in the twentieth century as people’s lifestyles changed. The Marwari horse’s numbers declined, and British occupiers of India favoured Thoroughbreds. This breed was damaged by poor breeding procedures to the point where it was on the verge of extinction. The breed’s qualities are being diluted as a result of uncontrolled breeding and a lack of appropriate breeding policies, and only a few thousand pure Marwari horses exist today. An objective breed classification based on genetic uniqueness is a priority to minimise further loss of possible unique genes and to conserve genetic diversity within the breed.

Pure Marwari horses are now extremely rare, despite the fact that the Indian government has taken attempts to increase their population. Due to the Marwari’s rarity, information on individual champion and celebrity horses is scarce. No wonder, the entire breed is prized in India.

Show Quality Marwari horses

Apart from their appealing behaviour and remarkable abilities, Marwari Breed make for strikingly attractive quality show horses! The Marwari’s most distinguishing physical feature is its unusual inward bending ears that almost meet at the tips. Although the source of this remarkable appearance is uncertain, it can be seen in early Mughal miniature paintings.

The mares are also admired for their arresting presence and ‘doe-eyed’ attractiveness. The fact that the Marwari is a naturally gaited horse with a four-beat lateral gait, is an additional aspect of the attraction. This four-beat gait has made the Marwari a popular choice for ‘Show’ and ‘Entertainment’ purposes. They majorly depict and satisfy the royal taste of horse lovers, across the country. Riding a Marwari or simply being in the presence of one is an unforgettable experience that can only be had in this part of the world.

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Marwari Horses

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