Thoroughbred Horses

Behavioural CharacteristicsSensitive and Emotional, Calm, Friendly , high willingness and capable of forming deep loving bonds
Physical CharacteristicsWell-chiselled head on a long neck, prominent withers, a deep chest, a compact back, good hindquarter depth, a slim frame, and long legs
ColourBay, Black, Chestnut, Dark Bay/Brown, Grey/Roan, Palomino or White
Type & UsageRiding, Dressage, Flat & Jump Racing, Herding, Light Draft
Blood TypeHot
Life Span25 - 35 Years
Country Of OriginEngland

Thoroughbred Horses for Showjumping, Racecourse and Polo

Although thoroughbred horses are famed for horse racing, they are quite versatile in nature, many former racehorses go on to have second careers as riding or driving horses. Thoroughbreds are “hot-blooded” horses, meaning they are fiery, courageous, intelligent, and athletic in nature. It’s a temperament that not every rider can master, but it makes for a great horse. Thoroughbreds compete in eventing, show jumping, and dressage at the highest levels of international competition, including the Olympics. They’re also utilised in Western riding speed events like barrel racing, as well as as show hunters and steeplechasers. Recreational riders and mounted police units both use them for non-competitive tasks. In the United States, thoroughbreds are one of the most popular polo breeds. They’re also frequently seen in fox hunting fields.

Thoroughbreds are distinguished by their fine heads, thin frames, broad chests, and short backs. Their tiny leg bones allow them to walk with a long and comfortable stride. They are empathetic and vivacious. Many thoroughbreds are too active and energetic for beginner equestrians in terms of behaviour. They are, nonetheless, extremely intelligent and strive effectively. This horse can often be trained to succeed in a variety of equine sports by a confident, experienced handler. Trail horses, general riding horses, and pleasure driving horses are all examples of their uses. Many ex-racehorses, often known as OTTBs (off-the-track thoroughbreds), go on to become riding and driving horses.

Thoroughbreds are also frequently utilised to improve the finesse and athleticism of other horse breeds, mostly because of their speed and stamina. Many sport horses, in particular, are descended from thoroughbreds. Although the term thoroughbred is frequently used interchangeably with the phrase purebred, Thoroughbreds are a distinct breed. Throughout the history of the breed, there have been many outstanding victories of the thoroughbreds, and all of them are associated with diverse equestrian activities.

We at CHS, cordially invite you to experience ten such magnificent thoroughbred horses for showjumping, racecourse and Polo.

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Thoroughbred Horses

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