Chandigarh Horse Show

CHS aspires to strategically align various levels of equestrian organisations, groups and clubs in pursuance of developing a hyper local drive to promote the cause nationally, with an intent to eventually go global.

The Chandigarh Horse Show is a distinctive equestrian competition at its finest! Showcasing of Carnival x Equestrian Competition along with a chance for our fans to take in all the sights and sounds of the 7 days event.

Cheer on for your favourite high parading Hackney, shout when the announcer calls “Ándale” or hoot and holler when the judge comes to evaluate your favourite hefty horse hitch!

Glimpse of CHS 2021

Our Story

The Chandigarh Horse Show was founded with the goal of improving the equestrian business by organizing various Equestrian Clubs and attracting new audiences to the industry. The story began with five enthusiasts who, despite their disparate backgrounds, wished to change the face of India’s equine industry. All in the name of passion, devotion, and love for Horses!

CHS 2022

CHS boasts a huge variety of all-inclusive equestrian competitions. Along with Show jumping, you will be amazed at the many divergent breeds of horses that are a part of the climactic and thrilling sport of Tent Pegging or Arena Polo. 

Art and Culture

Explore a unified platform of art from a variety of genres, a riot of colour, theatre acts and an exhibition of traditional Indian motifs reimagined, Prepare to wander through India’s rich and diverse influences, only at CHS 2022!


Carnival is all about celebrations, merriment, and sensory overload at CHS! Expect elegant evening events with delicious food, a sophisticated DJ,  diverse range of exhibitors, and much more. Book your tickets now!


Music is at the heart and soul of any joyous event, and we at Chandigarh Horse Show wholeheartedly agree. Come experience great concerts by well-known artists and exquisite DJs!


Arena polo is a scaled-down variant of polo played on a much smaller field, indoors. It was created with the goal of making polo more widely available. In our annual event, CHS presents you this one-of-a-kind sport.


Showjumping is a single discipline that also plays a role in several combination events, At CHS 2022, witness the horse’s stamina, speed, and flexibility, as well as the strong connection between the horse and its rider.


Defined as “The highest expression of horse training” for a reason, it is a type of horse riding that is used for exhibition and competition, as well as an art that is occasionally practised exclusively for the sake of mastery.

Trade and Auction

The CHS is pleased to conduct the annual trade and auction of several horse breeds. Our yearly auction of driving, work, saddle horses, ponies and international breeds will draw horse lovers from all across the country.


Tent pegging, a sport full of energy and vigour, originated in India of riding a horse showcases charging pace and endeavouring to uproot on the point of a lance a tent peg in the ground, will be included at CHS 2022

Show Quality Horse

Exquisite horse breeds are prized for their looks, tenderness, and intelligence. Selective breeding enhances the results and each breed has its own set of characteristics, and we’re here to show them off!

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Witness a huge variety of all-inclusive equestrian competitions